1. Clay Figurine Zhang

Chinese skill of traditional handicrafts are handed down from generation to generation, it contains the wisdom of the Chinese people, provides a unique national character and cultural quality of the Chinese nation. With its vivid charm renowned at home and abroad, it is a shining pearl in the world civilization, an important part of Chinese traditional culture, is a precious cultural heritage of the nation. As the most iconic clay sculptures in China, Clay Figurine Zhang was made one of the first national intangible cultural heritages in 2006. The documentary uses direct visual language, systematically shows the production process and gives detailed account of the birth of a clay figurine from material collection to the final stage. It demonstrates the excellent artistic attainments of Zhang Mingshan, the founder of Clay Figurine Zhang and the craftsmanship of the sixth generation successor Zhang Yu in a dramatized style. With high-quality images and amazing visual effect, it provides audiences with real and delicate experience to the art of clay sculpture, enabling them to have a good sense of the profoundness and brilliance of Chinese traditional culture.
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producer:Companion (Beijing) Culture and Media Co., Ltd., China Intercontinental Communication Center

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