"Gold Panda" Award for CICC's Documentary

Nov 09 2015|VideoChinaShare: wechat Sina

On November 6, 2015, on the 13th session of Sichuan television festival, "How China Works", a documentary series co-produced by China Intercontinental Communication Center and Discovery Networks Asia under the supervision of the state council information office, won the International "Gold Panda" Awards for Best Documentary Series of Society Theme.It was reported that 917 works from 41 countries and regions eligible had taken part in the competition for this session's  International "Gold Panda" Awards for Documentaries.

The judging panel of the International "Gold Panda" Awards for Documentaries highly appreciated the the documentary series as a story of rapidly rising China which unscrambled the undergoing transitions with a international insight and a positive tone.

"How China Works" was focused on the transitions of China, which with three episodes presented a rising China in multiple aspects including the urbanization process, technology, innovation and people's livelihood. The host, Danny Forster,together with the audience explored a country of development in a unique way that there had never been before.

In March 2015, television channels such as Discovery Networks Asia and CCTV Documentary broadcasted "How China Works" in more than 40 countries and regions in the asia-pacific region. The audience rate hit a peak among the average rates at the same time-slot when the sereis was played on the Discovery Channel. The overall is 19% higher than the average of the same time-slot of the past six months. Audiences could also get the access to the documentary series on some video network platforms such as Phoenix, Tencent, Youku. In the aggregate, they got more than 30 million views, nearly 10 million times of interaction and 23,000 times of discussion on Weibo. "How China Works" refreshed people's perception of a booming China both at home and abroad.

China Intercontinental Communication Center has been working on television documentary for 21 years. It tells Chinese stories of develepment in international tones by cooperating with mainstream media in the world.