Brains Together for Opinions on Chinese Documentary Going International

Nov 11 2015|VideoChinaShare: wechat Sina

On the 13th session of Sichuan television festival, Sichuan television festival organizing committee held the International Media Producers Forum of 2015 International "Gold Panda" Documentary Festival. China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) and the Research and Training Institute of SAPPRFT as special supportors participated in holding the forum. On November 7th afternoon, Jing Shuiqing, deputy director of CICC, hosted the experience sharing session in which 5 senior documentary men talked about their stories of TV broadcasting and documentary producing, exchanged their feelings about how Chinese documentaries "went out".

In the opening speech, Mr.Jing said: "Documentary is a great carrier of chinese stories as well as a efficient method to promote cultural exchanges. CICC have always been committed to international broadcasting of chinese documentaries and international cooperations in TV program production. I believe we can learn a lot from today's forum as present guests are all experienced producers".

Wang Yuanyuan, director of Program Production Center of CICC, introduced several methods to bring chinese documentaries to foreign audiences: co-production, new media communication and screening activities. She welcomed foreign producers to China to make documentaries of chinese theme, and encouraged Chinese documentary producers go international.


Li Meiyi, National Geographic Channel's Asia regional vice president for producing and developing, has 16 years of experience in the field of television and film. She introduced the features of the National Geographic Channel from the perspective of international media, shared some success cases of cooperations with CICC and CCTV.

Liz·Macleod, a experienced documentary producer from UK who had been working on documentaries of Chinese theme since 2006, talked about how to choose good themes and contents, how to find investors and how to make connections with other directors, investors and producers in a international market. She stressed that there still was a long way to go to make Chinese documentaries go international and she had the patience to go on.

Vikram Channa, Discovery Networks Asia's vice president for producing and developing who had cooperated in many cases with some production companies and media such as CICC, CCTV, SMG and trained many young Chinese producers through Discovery's "Prominent Director" programme, talked about his opinion on Chinese documentay's globalization. What's more, his co-pruduction work "How China Works" won the International "Gold Panda" Awards for Best Documentary Series of Society Theme on this session of Sichuan television festival, and his "Adventure with Bell" was being shown on Dragon TV.

The last sharing speaker was Fan Lixin, a successful documentary director, and the Asian presentative to Sunny Side of the Doc, talked about how to make proposals, presell programs on international platforms such as Sunny Side, so as to globalize Chinese documentaries. Also, his work "Last Train Home" had won the Emmy Awards for Best Documentary and for Best Full-length Bussiness Report.

In the concluding speech, Jin Shuiqing aroused sympathetic reactions among the present speakers and audiences as he said: "Everyone present loves documentaries as transmitters of multiple cultures on the globe, we see the power of our doc-men to promote communication between civilizations."