B&R TV Networks

Apr 17 2017|CICCShare: wechat Sina

In April 2016, CICC signed the Belt and Road Media Union Initiative with representatives from 16 international media outlets in Beijing, marking the official establishment of the "Belt & Road" Media Cooperation Union (MCU).

Under the partnership framework of MCU, CICC and its partners establish the B&R TV, a multicultural and multilingual television network broadcasting in the countries along the Belt and Road routes and a TV brand jointly operated by the broadcasters from these countries.

B&R TV is expected to serve as a platform for broadcasters to achieve multilateral benefits through extensive exchanges. Instead of performing on-way  communication, the network is committed to promoting a clustering framework of multilateral and multi-directional communication for its members. Member broadcasters will jointly produce programs presenting both unique and intriguing stories of their own countries along the routes, and the cross-border trades and communication, as well as information about the Belt and Road Initiative.

Through cooperation on specific TV programs and joint establishment of TV channels, the B&R TV is established and expanded step by step, scheduled to go on air from January 1, 2017, with the weekly show Usilk. Produced by first Members of MCU, the half-hour show contains 52 episodes per year broadcasted in local languages for an international audience, providing information on versatile Silk Road cultural products so as to promote enhanced understanding among people of countries along the Silk Road and facilitate their joint efforts in the global dissemination of Silk Road cultures.

The participating broadcasters of "B&R" TV Networks include: Quest Arabiya of UAE; National Television of Cambodia; National Broadcasting Services of Thailand; Media Prima of Malaysia; D1 TV of Hungary; National Television Company of Ukraine; Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation; SIBUKA of Tanzania; Fokus TV of Poland; STV Kazakhstan; Teledifusao De Macau; Television Malawi; Dolon TV of Kyrgyzstan; rheinmain.TV, SALVE.TV, center.TV and CityVision.TV of Germany; CCCTV and City TV of Canada; and Am¨¦rica 24 of Argentina, etc.