The Pavilion: Highlight on MipCancun

Nov 20 2017|CICCShare: wechat Sina

China Pavilion becomes the highlight of the 2017 Mip Cancun

 On November 15, 2017, the China Pavilion, which was jointly supported by the State Council Information Office and the State Administration of Radio Film and Television and organized by China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC), once again became a highlight at the grand opening of the 2017 Mip CanCun. Outstanding Chinese television and cultural programs such as documentaries like Back to the Village,, The Four Treasures of Chinese Study and China's Amazing Super Herbs, hit TV series like The Advisors Alliance and Princess Agent, cartoons like Dinosaur School and Ganxiao and stage plays including Mr. Donkey and Dance of the Cavalry, offered a Chinese-style visual feast to Latin American audiences.

The Mip CanCun is a platform specially designed for executives, producers and creative professionals of public television stations, premium channels, senior network channels in Latin America. The event attracts films and television professionals from all over the region every year. This year marks the 4th Mip CanCun and more than 300 institutions worldwide have signed up. 157 institutions in 23 Latin American countries and regions set up their booths. The number of registered institutions has reached 180.

The Chinese Pavilion this year is more diversified than before, involving seven film and television institutions, e.g. CICC, China International Television Corporation, Beijing I Hope Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing JoyWay Drama Technology Co., Ltd., Oriental Vision, Media Caravan,, and Zhejiang Huamai Network Technology Co., Ltd. and covering areas such as films, television, documentaries, cartoons, stage plays and even new media technologies.

On the afternoon of November 16, Chinese Pavilion and the Organizing Committee of Mip CanCun co-hosted a show called Feeling China, which arrested the attention of more than 400 Chinese and foreign guests. Mr. Ted Baracos, Market Development Director of Market Development of the Reed MIDEM Group, also attended the show and made a speech. He hoped to invite more Chinese film and television agencies to Mip CanCun so that they could fully interact with their Latin American counterparts and bring about full-scale cooperation. In the showing session that followed, the participating guests spoke highly of the trailers made by Chinese exhibitors and enthusiastically exchanged opinions with them to discuss the preliminary cooperation for programs that really interested them.

The Chinese Pavilion with authentic Chinese elements and unified forms left a deep impression on attendees. During the three days of open talks, exhibitors at Chinese Pavilion had one-to-one in-depth talks with over 23 interested foreign institutions and achieved fruitful results. The efficiency and professional performance of Chinese exhibitors together with the sensational exhibitions deeply impressed their Latin American counterparts and laid a solid foundation for future cultural exchange between China and Latin America.