China Aviation Pictures

May 22 2018|Share: wechat Sina

China Aviation Pictures was founded in 2017 and is a subsidiary of China Aviation International Co. Ltd, which was established by Central Newsreel Studio Group in May of 2011 against a background of China speeding up deepening of cultural restructuring. As the only enterprise that takes large-scale aerial photography as its main business, China Aviation International combines film and television making, releasing, cultural tourism industry development and advertising for CCTV together. China Aviation International occupies a leading position in China’s aerial photography field for it possesses 6 Russian (Beriev) planes, including amphibian Be-103, amphibian Be-200, helicopter and high-end photographic equipment like advanced gyroscopes.

 Apart from making and releasing high-end aerial photography product like its parent firm, China Aviation Pictures makes efforts to realize market based operation of TV documentaries and documentary films. As a supplier to CCTV and international media, China Aviation Pictures also cooperates with online platforms like IQIYI, Tencent and Ergeng. China Aviation Pictures has provided CCTV-9, CCTV-7 with more than 470 minutes documentaries, which involve various subjects like history, culture, ecology, report and therefore builds an efficient group for documentaries’producing and operating.

 By combining its advantages in film and television producing, China Aviation Pictures has made exploration and investment in the visual art of holographic image and developed new commercial application of visual arts.

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